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White clay and its benefits for beauty skin and hair

White clay and its benefits on the beauty of skin and hair, this mask is used for all skin types due to its properties that limit skin problems, such as using it as a mask to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and costs in the face, and also for the glasses of the body and its shine

face white clay

use it to treat oily skin, blackheads, pimples

Every lady tries to preserve her beauty in one way or another so we advise you; Madam, of this wonderful mask that will reduce your skin problems and give her shine and soft texture like children. Mix a tablespoon of white clay and a teaspoon of argan oil and put it on your face for 15 minutes Then put a little argan oil on your face and you will notice the difference; to know also more about argan oil for skin click here Argan oil for face benefits – for dry and oily skin

anti-wrinkle treatment

this mask also has benefits in lifting the face and filtering it from wrinkles
Anti-aging treatment

-for perfect skin

Apply the this mask to completely clean skin for 30 minutes and wash it off with clean water for good results;Try again every two days a week
  This mask removes dead skin and all impurities that bother you in your body

-White clay for hair

Is your hair oily ?if the answer is yes; then we advise you to use white clay as a shampoo to wash your mental hair and then we heal it well and put a little argan oil and you will be amazed by the result, but if your hair is dry then we advise you to use argan oil rich in definition; it gives Incredible shine and also a pleasant scent for hair; to know more about argan oil for hair Argan oil for hair – Argan oil benefits for hair

white clay benefits

The benefits of this mask give the body shine and clean all impurities such as blackheads on the face as well as dark spots, and tightens the skin; but my lady if you add drops of argan oil; this will be much better

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