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Moroccan Argan oil Original and imitation argan oil

The Moroccan argan oil; or the so-called Liquid Gold; is considered one of the most expensive oils in the Arab world in particular and in the world in general; so we find a group of merchants mixing between the original argan oil and adulterated; so how can we distinguish between them?

difference bettwen Argan original and imitation

To distinguish between the original and adulterated argan oil; we advise you to put it in the refrigerator; if it freezes and becomes yellow like butter; it is 100% natural and original; and if it is adulterated; you will notice that the argan oil is at the bottom and the oil to which it is added; you will notice that it floats over; to know more about moroccan argan oil

How do you test the purity of Moroccan Argan oil

Firstly ……..pur Argan oil

The taste of natural and original argan oil has a wonderful aroma that distinguishes it from the rest of the oils; and also the ingredients that write on the argan bottle must be reviewed well, is it 100% natural or not;also pay attention to the brands in order to get pure and natural corners : read more about pure and original argan oil

Second ……oil color

Argan oil is a bit dark yellow; if you don’t find this color; put the bottle of argan and go to another dealer

Third…… argan oil smell

Often the aroma of argan oil is very light; and beautiful; but if you find it smells strong or odorless then; do not buy it

Fourthly…..Argan oil price

Through what I found during my research regarding argan oil; the prices of cold-ground oil that is used for cosmetics is very expensive; because of its great and amazing benefits; and also the argan oil for eating is a little cheaper compared to the argan oil for cosmetics.

Fifthly …Argan oil feel

Argan oil you know by touching it; when it is running like water ;you don’t buy it at all; and also when it is sticky it is not original; you will notice that the original natural argan oil is like a little heavy; and its distinctive color and luster will prove to you that


I totally liked this, and before you buying something; do a search and asking a lot before it and see the experiences of the people
And whoever does not knowing the Moroccan argan oil

to know more about cosmetic argan oil benefits 

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