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Green Clay Benefits and natural healthy cosmetics

Green clay is the most popular of all mask; so cosmetologists consider it the best solution for treating black dots; pimples; wrinkles; and is also used as a hair mask, so most women use it for beauty, because a woman’s beauty is an essential thing and it gives confidence to women In general; I would advise you; Madam; to use the green mud mask to maintain your beauty

Benefits and natural healthy cosmetics

For oily and acne-prone skin

Green clay is among the masks that are suitable for all skin types; oily and dry at the same time; to get 100% natural beauty; Apply the green mask to the face and neck and leave it for at least 15 minutes; After that;wash your face madam with warm water; Apply a little argan oil Argan oil is for what Pure organic argan oil to get clear; shiny; and attractive skin.

Green Clay for wrinkles

this mask will be used to combat premature aging and preserve the beauty of the body in particular and the face in general; so we find most Arab women and Europeans use it as a daily routine in their lives.

Green Clay For oily hair

Hair is half of a woman’s beauty; so every woman must preserve her hair by using oils such as argan oil, which is well known as well as a green clay mask; Apply it with a little water and use it as a hair mask; Spread it on your hair and massage it well; and Then use Argan oil shampoo to avoid dandruff and dry scalp

Main properties of Green Clay

The main characteristics of this mask that it helps to treat the red lines caused by obesity, to mix it with the drops of argan oil and put them on the body; especially on the places where these red lines are located; and they are in the form of circles; apply this mask every time of the week and you will notice the difference to know mor about argan oil for skin Argan oil for skin – Benefits of argan oil for skin

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