Argan oil for face benefits – for dry and oily skin

Argan oil for face benefits
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Argan oil for face benefitsĀ is one of the most oils that contain vitamins and minerals that are very many that benefit in the smoothness and freshness of the skin and we will learn about the benefits of argan oil for the face and the way to utilize argan oil for the face through the article.

Argan oil for face benefits

  1. It treats various face problems, especially acne, and the scars that result from it.
  2. Argan oil cleanses the face; smoothes it and removes dead skin
  3. face is given the freshness as well as vital to the presence of vitamin E.
  4. The face is hydrated and nourishes the face;as it is one of the great oils that the face absorbs quickly.
  5. Argan oil fights cracks that appear on the face, so you can get rid of wrinkles; signs of aging that may appear on
  6. you, and signs of aging.
  7. Burn treatment, as well as pigmentation in the face.
  8. face cell regeneration.
  9. It helps to give the face shiny and very healthy look

How to use Argan oil for the face ?

  • Initially clean your face with all dirt, using a lotion suitable for your skin.
  • Dry the skin with a clean towel.
  • Put a little oil on your face, preferably slightly damp.
  • Sprinkle  oil in the palm of your hand and spread the oil on your face in a circular motion on the face and
  • Leave the oil on your face for five minutes so that the oil is completely absorbed.
  • Repeat the process every day before you sleep.

Argan oil mask

  • 3 teaspoons of milk.
  • 1 tablespoon honey.
  • 3 drops of argan oil.
  • 1 spoon Lemon juice spoon.

Steps to prepare:

Put all the ingredients to get a mixture.
Grease the face with the mixture and leave a quarter of an hour.
Repeat the face-painting process until you get a good result.

White gold, miracle oil; or Moroccan oil; as it is called abroad; is the essential oil of the de-indispensable as it is considered a symbol and source of livelihood for many residents of the Souss and Agadir region, where for centuries the most generous women in this region have produced the argan oil;whose reputation has crossed the borders of Morocco to reach All over the world; and in the past 100 years; in particular;its cosmetic secrets useful to women have been discovered.

Argan oil for face benefits oily skin

It protects against the symptoms of premature aging where argan oil consists of about 80% of the amino acids that help get rid of the signs of premature aging, and the use of oil on a regular basis helps to tighten and reduce wrinkles and works to restore skin youth and elasticity; and increases the rate of renewal Epidermal cells

Argan oil for dry skin

German cosmetologist Patrick Maldinger said that argan oil is a companion to dry and delicate skin and alleviates and quiets the skin ;he included that argans are likewise plentiful in cancer prevention agents; for example; nutrient E; which battles what are known as free radicals that cause genuine harm to cells

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