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black soap the secret of Moroccan beauty

Olive oil or argan oil is considering the basic material for making black soap, or what is calling Moroccan soap, so this is why Moroccans are keen to preserve it because of the boredom it has important aesthetic benefits

Follow the article to learn how to make Moroccan soap at home:

See how to make black soap

Usually moroccan soap is made; in the factories assigning to him, because manufacturing it at home does not give him all sizes, but there is a method and it is kept from our latest, except that it takes what is calling olive residue oil or argan oil and grind it well and add a little argan oil to it and it has been heating a little Turn it until it does not burn, and then let it cool down, and using it in the bathroom. Learn a lot about the health and aesthetic benefits of argan oil

the secret of Moroccan beauty

moroccan soap is perfuming with; a group of medicinal herbs, such as eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, corners, to keep pace with tourism; and demand in modern bathrooms ; in areas designated for massage, and one of its most important characteristics is that it is completely devoid of preservatives

the ingredients of black soap

The Moroccan municipal soap industry ingredients are a little argan oil; or olive oil, mixed with the residue; of the argan oil, which is calling “zakmouta” in Arabic, which is the brown thing; that the oil is extracting from by squeezing it, and then we add a little lemon ;or any Other medicinal herbs;; used during bathing


In sum, moroccan soap; is one of the most common materials; that women and men using to preserve their luster; and is considering among the most common materials that tourists buy after argan oil, of course, and finds its comfort ;I advise you to give it a try

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