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Argan oil of morocco for beauty and health

argan oil of morocco
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Argan oil of morocco is known as separating from the core of the product of the argan tree; and it is  costly oil knawn to all celebrities around the world; because it contains high levels of vitamin E; and 80% of unsaturated fats; which makes it the best moisturizer for the skin and hair; It also contains many nutrients that give the face; hair and skin in general the necessary hydration.

Argan oil of morocco for beauty and health

Argan tree

The argan tree is a remarkable tree that is found in wealth in the Arab Maghreb locale and it is one of the normal plants that grow exclusively. Argan oil has various remedial and restorative properties.

The most important benefits argan oil

  • Anti-aging : When the skin is exposing to harmful sun rays; free radicals are forming, which cause the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. In restoring the aqueous and oily layer of the skin; to fight the signs of premature aging
  • Therapeutic properties : argan oil of morocco contains active substances that have therapeutic properties that help in the healing of scar tissue; provide protection from sunlight; and also act as a disinfectant because they possess anti-inflammatory properties. People with joint pain and rheumatism are advising to use argan oil in the massages to reduce these pain.
  • Reducing the level of cholesterol : Argan oil is one of the oils rich in plant sterol which studies indicate that it helps in reducing body infections; and prevents absorption of cholesterol in the intestine; and helps to enhance the body’s immunity.
  • Healthy digestion : The use of argan oil contributes to increasing the concentration of pepsin in the gastric juices; which facilitates healthy digestion; and also contains the anti-oxidant flavonoids that reduce internal and external infections.
  • Skin diseases : Argan oil was use in the past to treat various skin diseases such as chickenpox, acne; and eczema, in addition to its ability to supply the skin with moisture; so that it fights symptoms of itching; dryness and can also be appling to stretch marks resulting from pregnancy to remove it.
  • Healthy scalp : In case the scalp is exposing to dandruff and dehydration; it is advised to apply argan oil to the scalp, and gently massage it all over for one night with a good shampoo in the second day to get a wet scalp.
  • Skin freshness : gives argan oil to its user a set of benefits related to the skin; such as getting rid of pimples and black spots; as well as it gives argan oil vitality and radiance to the skin.

Benefits of argan oil for hair

Vitamin E in argan oil of morocco helps tame dry and frizzy hair; in addition to adding moisture to it and reducing split ends, given the amount of unsaturated fatty acids included in it; by applying it to all parts of the hair with a special focus on the ends, and leaving it for a whole day With a wash on the second day to get shiny and soft hair.

Argan oil benefits for sensitive area

Although there are many therapeutic benefits of argan oil; it is also characterizing by many other aesthetic properties,;which include the safe and safe bleaching and whitening of sensitive areas without any significant risks for women; as well as the therapeutic power that it gives to men with regard to sexual problems

How to use argan oil

To guarantee the full profit by argan oil must be utilizing in a solid manner; regardless of whether it is utilizing for hair; skin; or even touchy regions; the right path is to clean the skin well with cleanser and water and afterward dry it and afterward put moroccan argan oil on that region

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