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Argan oil of morocco all you need to know about it

The argan tree is among the most perennial trees in the world in general and in Morocco in particular, and this tree is locating in the Souss region in Morocco, and it has lasting for more than 200 years, and argan oil is used in the kitchen and in cosmetics as well

Argan oil benefits

Among the benefits of argan oil of morocco: it cleans the skin deeply, cleanses and removes all impurities; and protects from red lines resulting from pregnancy; and also has several spheres on the hair Argan oil for face; nails and skin

There are two kinds of argan oil

roasted argan oil

is usually using in preparing food and the main ingredient of amlou; it is dark brown in color and has a strong taste; due to the roasting of argan almonds before the oil is extracting from it.

cosmetic argan oil

As for the second golden-yellow color due to the oil being extracting from the argan of morocco almond without roasting; it is using as a skin moisturizer and it is using as an important compound in the high-end cosmetic industries.

for nails

For perfect and wet nails; use argan oil and apply your hands well before bed. Make sure to wash them with soap and water in the morning; as they will not be exposing to sunlight. know more about argan oil for nails

for face – dry and oily skin

Argan oil for face benefits is one of the most oils that contain vitamins; and minerals that are very many that benefit in the smoothness; freshness of the skin; we will learn about the benefits of argan oil for the face and the way to utilize argan oil for the face through the article.

for the skin and how to use it

It reduces skin inflammation and increases its hydration and Argan oil helps to remove acne ; to read more about benefits of argan for the skin

Best argan oil shampoo for hair

How would you use argan oil shampo for your hair ; The method of using argan oil shampoo is not different from other types …

Argan oil benefits for hair

Can argan oil help hair growth?

Hair is the crown of a woman and long hair is one of the standards of beauty for women; so every woman must preserve argan oil of morroco and use oils to avoid split ends and dry scalp; to learn more please read this article


Thi argan oil of morocco using since ancient times by Berber women as a moisturizer for dry skin and as an anti-wrinkle and as a nourishing and repairing for tired hair; because it contains essential fatty acids, omega-6; omega-9 and antioxidants especially vitamin E = Vitamin E Vitamin e

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