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Anti hair loss use argan oil for anti hair loss

Anti hair loss : most women suffer from ;the problem of hair loss, but this is normal, but if it exceeds it; alone it causes a big problem, as it causes gaps in the hair; and this is a great embarrassment for women; and men, as the hair loses; its attractiveness; and its natural shine, But there are a set of effective ways; to reduce this problem, and through this article; we will present the best oils to treat hair loss ;and increase its growth; to know mor about argan oil for hair click here

How argan oil helps hair grouwt

Argan oil ; is the best oil to prevent hair loss, to increase its growth; and to enhance the scalp; and protect it from dandruff, we put drops of argan oil on the scalp ;and massage it for 10 minutes, and this exercise is used before bed; and for 3 days a week, You can use any oil ;that is available at home, but argan oil is the best, and with experience. argan oil benefits

How to use argan shampoo for hair loss

Argan shampoo is among the best shampoos for hair, because it contains a set of benefits that enhance; the scalp; and reduce hair loss, and you will notice the result in the first seven weeks, so we advise you ;to buy it soon, but making it at home is also easy: take Ashampoa that you use; And add two drops of argan oil; and rub your hands until they blend, have been appling to your hair, repeat this every 3 days.

Best ways for anti hair loss

Egg whites

We take a quantity of egg whites, a quantity of argan oil, mix the ingredients; and put them on the hair; for 20 minutes, after which we wash the hair; with warm water, because the eggs are rich in protein so it promotes hair growth


We mix half a cup of aloe vera gel; with a tablespoon of castor oil, a teaspoon of ground fenugreek ;and basil ground, then put the mixture on the scalp with a massage, cover it with a shower cap; for eight hours, then wash it and repeat; this mixture once every week.


Finally, anti hair loss is a problem that most people suffer from, but this problem has solutions. If you read the article; and follow the steps that you read, you will find that your hair is improving day after day.

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