Benefits of Argan Oil

Welcome to Argan Oil Info, the website all about Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil as it is also commonly known.

Please have a read of our aticles on the benefits of Argan Oil and how it can give sone great reults when used on your hair, skin and nails.

We will be revieving a number of products which we feel are the best of the many Argan Oil products that are now available
so please have a look at these to help decide on the best Oil for your own use.

I first came across Argan Oil around 6 years ago when my wife and I were on a trip to Morocco. We stopped at a local market a few days before we were due to return and brought a variety of gifts for the folks back home. One of the gifts was a small bottle of Argan Oil which we purchased for a friend which she was very pleased to receive when we returned.

Around 2 months later we were contacted by my wifes friend who wanted to know where she could purchase another bottle of this wonderful Oil. She had been using it as a conditioner for her hair and was getting fantastic results that she had been unable to achieve with any of her existing hair products. Not only that but it was also giving great results on her nails and skin. I searched the internet and although I found a supplier our friend advised that this was not as good as the bottle we purchased from Morocco so I was then given the task of tracking down Pure Argan Oil which is why I have now become a bit of an Argan Oil speicalist and was the reason for this site.

Over these last 6 years countless Argan Oil products have come to the market, some good and some bad. Due to the popularity of Argan Oil manufacturers are also mixing this with their other products and although they are then selling the product as Argan Oil Shampoo or Argan Oil for skin the product only contains a small amount of Argan Oil. Now this is not a major problem as argan Oil can be mixed with other products and gets some great results but the aim of this site is to promote Pure Argan Oil products or Products that contain Argan Oil that have been shown to give the benefits you would expect.

A little disclaimer which I will be up front about is that I do receive a small commision if you purchase any of the products from this site and this all helps go towards the upkeep and hosting of Argan Oil I will also be honest in that I or my wife (or indeed her friend) have not personally used all the products. My wife does have some favorites and as her skin can be allergic to certain products she tends to stick to the one brand but on each of the products I have researched these to make sure that people who have used and purchased the item have been happy with the Oil. If there are any negative comments then I will also mention these aswell as this helps in making your buying decision.

So I hope you enjoy this site and it gives you the information you are looking for. I will try to leave the comments section open so that you can also leave your feedback of the product but I am consious of spammers so I may have to close these if they get to spammed up !